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Vintage Celebration mid way report

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weather was awful, everyone is complaining. 12:30 pm and the sun is coming out in Portland.

TT crashed in T2 in practice, he's ok, hi -sided and lo sided at the same time. Bike is back in working order. Casper smoked two cigars last night, Paula is hanging out.

Branson and Champ are chatting it up. Champ has a new in crate MT 125 that he brought to the track

Raining this am, I am going back tomorrow morning for races. Photos of the mosh pit later. Bring more wood for tonite.
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Yeah, the weather pretty much sucked the entire weekend, except for the ride home.
Despite the conditions I saw some really good close racing from my homestead in turn one. Campers rule BTW. A fair amount of crashes but generally I thought the track was pretty decent with a few typical areas slick.
I had a good time mixing it up with some of the FCB guys for the first time. I was surrounded by Wankers on the first lap. Recognized Rosko zip by my by the tell-tale leathers. It's going to be a good season. Nice riding Baker! Couldn't reel you back in.
Aaron, nice job crashing and still finishing 3rd. You were ripping.
Great time. June 11th is right around the corner.

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