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Vintage Celebration mid way report

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weather was awful, everyone is complaining. 12:30 pm and the sun is coming out in Portland.

TT crashed in T2 in practice, he's ok, hi -sided and lo sided at the same time. Bike is back in working order. Casper smoked two cigars last night, Paula is hanging out.

Branson and Champ are chatting it up. Champ has a new in crate MT 125 that he brought to the track

Raining this am, I am going back tomorrow morning for races. Photos of the mosh pit later. Bring more wood for tonite.
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It was a great time even if it was raining. I don't think any of my races really went on while the rain was falling. Baker (jaguar0 PALEEZE!!! Baker(lonewolf) I need all the glory that I can get . I am still trying to recover from the bitter cup of coffee that I had from my first first place trophy six hours ago. Every one and everything made for a great weekend.Tomorrow I think I'll try my third place coffee cup,I think that the coffee is still going to be bitter. Can't wait for the next race.
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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