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Vintage Celebration mid way report

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weather was awful, everyone is complaining. 12:30 pm and the sun is coming out in Portland.

TT crashed in T2 in practice, he's ok, hi -sided and lo sided at the same time. Bike is back in working order. Casper smoked two cigars last night, Paula is hanging out.

Branson and Champ are chatting it up. Champ has a new in crate MT 125 that he brought to the track

Raining this am, I am going back tomorrow morning for races. Photos of the mosh pit later. Bring more wood for tonite.
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yeah, but i mowed my lawn in the sun and 75.


"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"

Scott went home friday night and stayed home on saturday to mow his yard.
Joe we could pretty much photo shop you and tex in there and it would be the same as 3 years ago.

You guys really missed out... let me tell ya


whew, THAT was ridiculous.

first off...EVIL, JohnnyB, THANKS. Really, without your help over the past 2 years I wouldn't have made it. It was a blast and I meant to pull you both aside to thank you but DAMN, you guys always have a crowd around you! Thanks.

I'm not sure how to sum up the weekend... retarded? extreme? Ridiculous seems to be the closest.

For me it started 6am friday, picked up a rental van and then off to the shop to have a last minute freakout safety wire session. By 10:30 I had loaded up (solo) and hit the road. After traffic and accidents in the rain I ended up signing in @ 5 pm. Find the Wankers, the Wank-Mahal and Monkey in the usual spot. Off to the garages...

Thankfully the Wankers are a hospitable group, they welcomed me into the dry, DRY garages with open arms.

My whole goal with this endevour has been to build a bike that RUNS and FINISH A RACE. Without having anyone racebike to look at I freak-out on the details. I know you guys have all suffered the late night calls from me... "um, how do I safety wire a masterlink"

TECH? nightmare! Here I am the noob running to catch tech before they close for the day. My thinking is if they find something I forgot (or didn't know) to do tht I'll have time to sort it out before saturday am practice. So I get there and get a serious lecture on oiling the track and the need for case guards. My heart drops and I'm shitting a brick. WTF? Holy shit. poor me, here I am after 2 years and I won't be able to... finally someone grabs the ACTUAL tech inspector who goes over the whole she-bang and... "good job".

Back to the garages, unload and off to Wanksville to party. Meeting all the rest of the fruitcakes from this place was great. Very cool to put faces to the ramblings! I think Yellers fire philosophy for the weekend was to create a fire so larfge that the rain evaporated before it hit the ground. It came close, damn near melted my boots from 5 ft away.

I turned in early and woke-up to "riders meeeting in 10 minutes" over the PA. Weather is awful and I'm Frozen. Standing in the driving rain all night and sleeping in a ghetto bag in the back of the van? seriously FROZEN. I stumbled down to the riders meeting in a haze, jumping jacks in the garage to get some blood to my feet and I swear I woke up somewhere between T1 & T2. Pratice went well stayed upright and the bike ran well so goal #1 achieved. Soto's bike is sorted (finally!), TT gets his bike back together and Yeller gets closer. Our garage comes back in one piece. Tech problems aside thats pretty damn good.

We spend the rest of the day in the pits chasing tech problems and getting diabetes from champ cake. Laytered? I still have a sugar hangover from that shit. Everyone really pulls together to get each other ON the grid. Not just your friends, everyone. Really cool people. Watch Whatevs (nice handle) video, conditions were shit, 100 riders (or so) out there in that? That makes 100 crazy motherfuckers in one spot.

Pack it in for the day and off to the Wanker-mahal for fire-party #2. This is the big one. Everyone bought firewood without telling the others... yellers mission is to burn it all. Mr. Miyagi aka Champ bestoes some "wax-on, wax-off" wisdom and the bromance reaches stupendous proportions. couples under umbrellas? I'll spare the details here, just have to add "lets burn the tent!!!"

Sunday is raceday for us FCB'ers and I make a point to get some coffee in BEFORE hitting the track this time. Morning practice is wet(of course) but at this point rain is all I've ever ridden this bike in. More troubleshooting back in the pits then wander off to watch some other races.

FCB- finally! My first race. TT, Soto, Yeller, Lonewolf... who else was in there? I dunno. I'm just thinking viagra: "stay-up, stay-up..."
I get a good start and get into T1 just behind lonewolf, then TT soto and everyone pass me between 1&2 or 2&3... I try keep it at a steady pace and being a bit dry for a change I try to get some better lines in. 200gp(?) was behind us so I get to ride with Aaron for a minute BFD and Freddy too? Not sure. I don't quite know where I finished in the whole scheme of things but I made it in in one piece, even did the total dork move of going the extra 1/2 lap after finish and got the ol' black flag at T3. What a dork.

So, now that i finished a race and my bike ran something new came up. I want to ride better. I had never thought that far ahead.

When the call came for LWSV I was not ready. Second call and I wanted to change out my battery. F-it, I'll chance it. We sat for 5 min at the start. Total loss? pretty much. Got another good start, hamp passes out of 2 and Monkey plows by me out of the bowl hung in there till it started pouring out. Then I start feeling power loss, I'm thinking "I'll just finish..." do one more lap and I'm wringing it's neck and getting nothing. I pull out and watch the guys pull one more lap before getting red-flagged.

By the way, did anyone talk to 555?

So that's my first race experience abrieviated. The coolest thing might have bben watching Soto finally have a decent bike and kicking ass.... in front of his son! I bet he thinks your freaking superman now. How cool is that?

We stayed for the ceremony and watched Freddy take home a handful of cups, then I parted ways with y'all and hit the road. 4 1/2 hours later I'm unloading the van in brooklyn. Then I return the van and take a cab home. It's 2:30am. Mission accomplished. I was a man obcessed. I can't even think about how much the weekend cost, but I did it! Big ups and thanks to everyone for helping me out. I'll be back.

*bumping into TT at a rest area 2 hours after we leave NHIS? Both in a barely awake driving haze. Weird.

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By the way, did anyone talk to 555?
I spoke with her briefly before her last race about tyre pressure. And then I was looking around to make sure everything was cool. I didn't see her until the award ceremony so I assumed she was ok from the crash.

awesome photos!! i guess thats all they can hold on to!!

I hear ya Rosko...I am a shadow of a man today after that drive last night. At least my car didn't catch fire like it did on the way to Summit. A hurtling ball of flame on FOUR wheels would be a chump way to go.

Oh, and thanks again TT for giving me that less-bent-than-mine clip on! Saved my day. I'm gonna order some pro flo's so I'll have plenty to return when the time comes...

Edited by - whatevs on May 21 2007 5:12:31 PM
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i hope that pro-flo comment was a joke.


"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"
I am so jealous

My Back is latered
and the Bike is even more latered

Still its so much fun
to read the reports
and get a glimpse of your mugs in the rain

wankers rule
As usually it was worth the trip just to hang out. Jeff told me...for the first time ever I'm ready for the next race ahead of time.
I mowed my lawn today....about three acres of it anyway.

Going to have a quarter fairing installed for the next race so no one will be able to later me at the end of the front straight.

And guys hold there beer that way cause when you are hanging out drinking with a bunch of people the two most important things in the world are your dick and your you keep them close together. If someone tries to steal my beer they are going to be close to my dick...I'm pretty likely to notice that.

If it rains for the next event I'm going to set myself on fire and run through the pits till I die.
hey guys
this weekend should not have been so fun. but racing elbow to elbow with the young camel, fred, arron, aron, and of course champ made for some memories up there with the best. aron718/whatevs...great's always good to see yourself on the big screen. looking forward to the full version. i've never had such a s^!t eating grin on my face while racing in the rain. everyone raced REALLY well...nothing stupid. thanks guys
Yeah definately a kick ass weekend. The vid was awesome, I only recognized about a lap an half. You guys went away from Frank and myself after that.

Just so everyone knows... If you have 3 piece clipons or clipons with replacable bars. We usually bring about a dozen to the track each event.

Just checked out the video again and realized the lap times in the rain. Can you say turtle pace!!

What are you guys drinking in that first pic? Are those Brick redcap stubbys?

Hey someone pas me the wrench........ Ahh screw it where is the torch
JS, under those conditions you guys were movin. watching the 5 bike pack rip thru t-1 was cool. great weekend overall. joe ruth
aaron, why dont you guys send me 4 silver bars. let me know how much. i need them now. not in 2 weeks. oh screw it, il call jd.



"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"
Aaron...yeah, my bike came with pro flos, but all I need is the bars and I should have realized you would have had them there. Throw a stick and you'll hit someone who sells clip ons, but I'd buy them from you first every time. I'll give a call or email...also I'll send along some pics I keep meaning to send ya.

Parker and John...I'll make you guys a proper DVD of the whole race so you can watch it on big screen. Wish I could have been closer to you when you four were dicing it out in turn one, but...I had been latered. Anyone else that wants a DVD let me know.
Joe, do you really need bars? Aron, if you need em too let me know.

The best part of that video is that it ends before I get lapped.

In retrospect running as a 1 cylinder bike to tame the big power surge's was not a good idea.
Dudes...what a great time...crapster on the bikester, but a great time. The "Wankermobile" (Copywrite, registered trademark of Wanker Racing Group 2007, LLP) was just in the pisser this weekend. It was so fustrating to get on the gas and have the bike go "blahhhhhhH". That first practice TT comes by me, close enough to read the tag on my underpants, on the straight.... I get on the gas and the bike goes....blaaaaahhhhhh... t1, t1a, I see the flagman at t2 waving and tt on the track stomping his feet and pounding his hands....

I think, "Should I stop to assist a fellow Wanker...noooooo...he seems to be okay. I wonder what I will have for dinner tonight? Do we have enought beer? Hey, that big tent looks funny from the track, and I wonder why it is taking so long to get to t3? Good thing about a bad running bike is I don't have to use up my brakes? Is going deep into a turn really going deep when you don't have enough power/speed to use the brakes? Wow, this is what it must be like to run in the 50cc class. Hey, was that a 50cc that just went by me....? ahhhh shit...!".

Believe me the bike was running so bad that I had enough time to think about all this as I was "accelerating" out of t2. Even though the bike wasn't up to speed, the good times were! I had a blast getting to know everyone! I have had a fun life, but after talking to Fred, I'd trade my earliar years with his.. :), well all but the puking part! Bro, it was good hangin' with you! Just no threats of burning my tent down, while I am wrapped in my sleeping bag in the tent! lol.

Champ, I am a bit jealous that the Miagie wisdom was not dished out to all the Wankers, but just Mr. Rosko. I thought I was your karate kid....

Thanks to everyone else for the advise on the bike, I will get it all sorted out,.... I was impressed that Baker was teared up when he got his awards! And Sotoman, I am gunning for you. No tail marker status for me dude!

Tanner, thanks for the fender and tank. I already got a "wanker" paint job planned!


Ask not what the wanker can do for you, but what you can do for your wanker!
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jd, yes i need. i left you a cryptic message last night. ill try and track you down this evening.


"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"
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