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Vintage Days at Mid Ohio

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Anyone goin'?

Honda go sideways!
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Yeah I've gotten stuff from Rice Paddy also...always been happy.

See if they have any Honda CL175 sloper engines lying around...I need another spare.



Tom had 3 or 4 175 slopers laying around. He left one outside my shop space for me (I'm collecting parts for a 160 racer) and the X#@!%#!! scrap metal vultures stole it. Not four feet away was a junk Gixxer frame (POLISHED aluminum even, as in "notice me, I'm shiny!") as well as all sorts of other junk aluminum and the stupid bastards had to take my crusty old swamped motor when no one was looking.

With the price of scrap metal these days, the scavengers are getting bold. Its almost come to blows a couple times in the past month.

I'll ask him if he's got any spares.

Honda go sideways!
Thanks bro, if he does, get a price and let me know. Would have to be shipped to NY state.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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