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Vintage Days at Mid Ohio

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Anyone goin'?

Honda go sideways!
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Tex: Cheers, best of luck.

I'll be there working the swap mmet with the Rice Paddy. Saturday night, the owner usually caters a small gourmet (really) feast for friends and racers. All are welcome as long as the food holds out; after that we just drink lots of beer ('course, we drink Thursday and Friday nights, too).

If all goes the same as last year, we'll be right up front, just across from the entrance to the paddock.


Honda go sideways!
Tom's a good guy. He's worked hard to to build the Paddy up from a swamped lot of 40 or so junk ujc's to two yards with over 1000 bikes.

Hell, come to think of it, who wouldn't love to run their own motorcycle junkyard?

Honda go sideways!

Tom had 3 or 4 175 slopers laying around. He left one outside my shop space for me (I'm collecting parts for a 160 racer) and the X#@!%#!! scrap metal vultures stole it. Not four feet away was a junk Gixxer frame (POLISHED aluminum even, as in "notice me, I'm shiny!") as well as all sorts of other junk aluminum and the stupid bastards had to take my crusty old swamped motor when no one was looking.

With the price of scrap metal these days, the scavengers are getting bold. Its almost come to blows a couple times in the past month.

I'll ask him if he's got any spares.

Honda go sideways!

i'll look around for the finned covers and let you know.

Honda go sideways!
bfd: The plugs (drain and starter) used to be made by a couple of machinists who hung around the Paddy. One moved away and the other's still around; he's racing ahrma Sportsman 350 (#916). Might have a spare or two laying about.

By the way, I don't work at the Paddy any more, I just rent space and hang out there. I hope nobody thinks all this Paddy talk is a thinly veiled sales ploy....I'm just a weirdo addicted to little Hondas.

Honda go sideways!
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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