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Vintage Race Sidecar For Sale

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Posting this for a friend: Yamaha 750 powered sidecar outfit, has the usual XS650 based engine, supposed to be a Kawasaki frame, Harley wheels. Right hand chair. Outfit is in Nova Scotia but could be shipped reasonably to New England area or possibly delivered to one of the USCRA events. Asking $3200 neg. I don't know a whole lot about sidecars but could put you in touch with the owner who could fill in all the details. See the above dropshots link for photos. Contact Frank Risteen at [email protected] or phone 506 5321071
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those forks. are absolutely. fucking. awesome.
those forks. are absolutely. fucking. awesome.
The sidecar rig has been sold
It took 4 1/2 years?
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Thanks for the update Frank. Nice to see some one have the class to do a little follow up. Even if it is 4 years later.
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Just would have been nice to know if was still for sale all this time. Might have help move it sooner.
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I am the guy who purchased it, we raced it in its original form for about 5 laps and blew a rod out the front of the motor, put a new motor in it a new coat of yellow paint and a few changes then raced it the next season, we are now on our third motor a whole bunch of modifications and in orange livery but still really enjoying the rig. We race with the VRRA in Ontario, updates at
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Your passenger looks nice and keen!!!!

Hope to see more of this bike on the forum in 2017. Keep us updated!!
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