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Vintage Racing in the Midwest

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Hey.. I was just looking at the race schedule (2002) that y'all have posted.

You guys come out for Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days? That is a most AWESOME weekend! I've rode down to that event a few times. Will more then likely make it for 2003.

Also.. AHRMA races in Michigan at Grattan Speedway in Grattan, Michigan.

That track is only about 2 hours from me. I try and get up there also, but have only made it to a couple races. Always been a spectator...

I have a couple pics of Grattan as part of my "2001 in review" article on my website.

Would be cool to meet you Cats someday.
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aaron, anyplans on going out this year to race?? like i said, im in if you are. jeremy should make the trip too.

you go out john?? whats up with the duc??? chris marshall was askin me about it over the weekend.

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