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Vintage Racing in the Midwest

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Hey.. I was just looking at the race schedule (2002) that y'all have posted.

You guys come out for Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days? That is a most AWESOME weekend! I've rode down to that event a few times. Will more then likely make it for 2003.

Also.. AHRMA races in Michigan at Grattan Speedway in Grattan, Michigan.

That track is only about 2 hours from me. I try and get up there also, but have only made it to a couple races. Always been a spectator...

I have a couple pics of Grattan as part of my "2001 in review" article on my website.

Would be cool to meet you Cats someday.
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Wes, That corner looks like a fun sweeper. I can see Aaron inside, knee down, pushing the living crap out of that under powered BSA, and here comes me on the outside, knee up, half throttle, tappin Aaron on the butt and waving him on to try and catch me, after I let him pass somewhere else on the circuit !!!!

AAHH, I love rookies................
Don't know what I'm doing next year yet as far as travel goes. The Ducati is at bcm Motorsports for a total redo, The Honda 175 is at Pete Tallabachs getting dialed in and I haven't recieved the MT125R yet. Joe, next time you see Chris M. tell him I said HI. Is he feeling better? Is he coming back next season to race? We had some all out battles and I would like to see him back out on the track.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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