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Vintage Suzuki Superbike

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We are trying to rebuild two engines for our 1993 GSX R1100 W. We have run into a huge problem in that we can not find any main bearings. I would list the part numbers except that there are so many numbers superseading other number that the list would be crazy long. The bearing fit 100,750 and may even fit 650 and 900's the most important thing is crank journal size and our engines show a measurement of ( BROWN) know the cases show no size other than the Suzuki size range of BROWN.

So does anyone know of a good NOS shop, vender, guy who just has all kinds of old Suzuki part laying around? We want to go racing sometime this year so we sure need some help or ideas.
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Brown is a tolerance code isn't it?
Once new old stock is gone on a part like that, you either make, modify or substitute something that will work, or the machine is on the way to becoming non-serviceable. Seems to me you're looking for 35mm shells with a thickness of exactly 1.5mm and that sounds like something that might have been used on a slew of different machines. If you can't buy it by part number then you will need to buy it on spec. Width, chamfer and holes drilled in them is something you might even be able to work around, an oil passage groove down the middle of the bearing (as shown) would near impossible to add, so if you need that and can't find one with a similar feature, ya'll might be out of the obsolete suzuki racing business before long.
The likely problem is they don't really know what size shells they are making until after they produce it, then quality control has to determine what part they just made and code it, or if they made a piece of out of tolerance range scrap.
How it's made should do a show on them :LOL:
With a tolerance adjustment range of only 18 micron on the crankshaft journal diameter and 15 micron variation on the bearing shell thickness, I think if Suzuki didn't throw out too many cases and crankshafts during production then they did an admirable job with the machine accuracy. We are talking in measurements smaller then the human eye can see without a microscope.
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