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VIR roll call

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ok bitches.....

who's going?


p.s.- the race is 3/11-12
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I'm a definate Maybe... The more I work on my bike the more pieces it ends up in... Now it looks like a skeleton. Got a loaner?

Cheers, A.D.

i'm hoping to make the first summit.

i figured there were some hardcore racers out there that couldn't wait till MAY!?! to go fast!

see you dudes trackside.


p.s.- ad, sorry man, i just got one together.
I'll be running my 175 in 350 and 500.

tim and alex,

seriously dudes, you should consider vir. wera runs there once a year and it should not be missed. it is one hell of a track (ask joe or aaron). if you guys start racing out of nhis your gonna go bananas at some of these other circuits. there are a lot of people coming out of nyc to go to vir. hell hitch a ride with a.d., aaron, or kenny, jordan, jaime, and company from team incomplete.

just doooooooooooooooit!

see you trackside,


you doing the daytona run this year?

No because my normal 200gp needs a little work and my new 200gp isn't even close to ready. And all my time and money is going in to some property I'm buying.


if you can, pick up some of those dudes that want to go.

i'll see you there, bright eyes!

I'm in... IF I can pull all this shat together

J "not that" D
j not that,

i can't wait for you to see it. your gonna flip.

I wish I could be there. I have never been to VIR. I would like to try all the new tracks. Possibles for me this year if I can make anything are Gingerman and Beaver Run.
Enjoy the races for me, case I am 5000 miles away buried in snow.
Ken(wishin I was warm) Essex

Vintage racing - old guys on old bikes
I'm so frigging psyched just to get out and ride as fast as I can (and maybe not crash for a change) and the chance to do it on a new track makes it even better !!!!

see you soon !

J "not that" D
Rookie_George... you in ??

J "not that" D

i might make beaverun this year for ahrma. depends on my cash.


p.s.- we just got hammered FINALLY with some snow (17") last night.
ill be there, drinking. alot.

not racing joseph?

whasup wit dat?

no bikey not ready. its getting there, and close, but not track ready. I still havea bit to do. but ill be there for the party. im bringing my buddy patric. he rocks!

hello!!!!! ride turnball's bike, god knows he's not.

seriously, that thing it just sitting there.

ug, it needs as much as mine. tires, and the whole go through. and i dont want to get lazy and rely on it. last time it was run was when he crashed it at summit and broke his collar bone. and before that was when chris ran it at vir. so it needs going through. id rather fool with mine. now, if someone had something theyd like to lend me.....

1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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