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VP C-12 and a CB 350

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Has anyone tried running this in a stock CB 350... is it good, bad, or no difference ?


J "not that" D
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yeah, same questions. what's the story with race gas. with stock compression and only 38-40° full-advanced timing, does it make a difference? i'm sure with increased compression and crazy timing, it would make a difference....but what are the benefits to a stocker. temp changes? colder plugs? i have no clues.

by the way, the electronic ignition didn't make a real difference by itself, but did allow me to focus all my attention on the carbs. turns out i was rich, but only on one side (i'm guessing because of the 4 inch gash i put into my left header on turn 6 that restricts the diameter by about 1/4) so with two different jet set-ups on the twin, now i can finally make a few rpms in the first few hundred yards. i can also back off the throttle without losing what litte power i was making, not that i want to back off the gas, but maybe i'll be less of a hazard with a bike that can actually run outside of the redline.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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