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VRRA Race School

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Hey guys, here's some info you might be interested in. The VRRA is going to do their own Race School again this year. This school only allows you to compete in VRRA events.
This is just a copy and paste thing right off our board...

We will be doing another VRRA race school on June 15 2007. This years class will be limited to 40 students. The classroom secession will be Friday afternoon and the track secessions starting at 5:30. Cost will be the same as last year $100. Phone or e-mail me for an application or further details. r.scholtes at or 905 655 8244

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Hi Jack, hmmm, wouldn't want to meet at an airport! (gee that's original)<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
Seeing as Ralf mentions June, that'll be our first race at Shannonville.
VRRA is the Vintage Road Racing Association, here's a link
Next years schedule is not up yet, but check back once in a while and I'll probably mention it here.

Graham Charnock #999 VRRA
#666 RACE

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