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vtr 250 forks

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Are these the forks that everyone is raving about? i hear that these are good for replacing the stock forks on a cb350. I have a cb360 that i maybe considering this swap on. Is this a practical idea? this bike will not be my daily driver. I just want something to zip around with on occasion. But i am stripping this thing down and powder coating the frame and polishing the engine and detailing most everything in between this winter. I found a vtr 250 based forum and i think there are some forks on there for sale. Any suggestions?
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actually, if you thnk about it, you dont need to reweld the stem. theres really no way for it to come out. but im not a honda engineer, so if they did it, id do it. if the stem is too long, which is usually the problem, you can shim the bottom bearing with a washer. the problem is, you dont know til you fit it up. then the bearings on and its a pain in the as to get off. i s'pose you could try with the ball bearings, but that seems like a pain in the ass.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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