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Wankermobile 3

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Well, thanks for the advice along the way folks. The goal of the bike was to be pure wanker. I think I got it down. Now to get it out on the track and tune it. See you on April 30.

My street ride!

Ask not what the wanker can do for you, but what you can do for your wanker!
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you're taking the good wanker name to a new level.


you're way tall....evil & branson territory, so i'm guessing you can see the tach and maybe even tuck in behind with that master-race towhead.

oh, and i think you just killed any chance that the Wanker Racing Group could assimilate with the NYC Wreking Crew....but i think we still have a shot with Team Dillweed though, especially if we keep kissing champ's ass.



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it's not your musical taste that i was referring to.


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