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wanted: aluminum rim

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looking for a WM2 shouldered aluminum 36 hole rim
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jeremy, contact tex, he said they have alot of rims theyre ebaying off at cosmo. undrilled 36ers. akronts. if youre still looking.

im not sure exactly. the one i saw someone buy was unshouldered. he says they have alot. you should contact him though. i dont wont to step on his toes too much, or anyone elses. if you need contact info, aarons got it, ir i can get it.

love you man. vir is awesome you gotta see this place. you probably wouldnt like it though jd, there are only about 2 really fast spots, and one is just scary looking as hell. the rest is pretty tight turny stuff. you planin on maing it down to summit?? i hope so.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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