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Wanted: CB450/500T headers

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Hi there -

I'm in the midst of a project, and I'm looking for a more or less clean set of headers. Chrome would be nice, but budgetary concerns tell me that anything in good shape (and cheaper!) is better.

I have a set of mufflers so I don't need those.

This is a 73 CB450 that someone dropped a CB500T motor into - I believe the parts are identical.
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Hmmmm.... I have a set with mufflers that you can have but I'm not likely to go near Pittsburg anytime real soon. I am moving to Buffalo, NY and can have them there by mid June. Also I could bring them to NHIS on June 11th if you are going there. I don't know what the shipping costs would be.

Mike O.
Yeah, I79 is a nice road, I've driven it several times, however never when traveling from Boston to Buffalo or vice versa. I will be in touch when I have the opportunity to have the pipes with me and maybe heading to Beaver Run or Summit. However if I were you I would not pass up the opportunity to grab another set if they come avalaible to you.


Mike O.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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