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just preparing all you for my shop....i'm going to be looking for any old brit stuff and 60's and 70's honda....mainly brit.....
i can not wait to get as far away from AMI as possible!!!
From another list I'm on...

> >Came to a stop sign, saw a large window-ed somewhat delapidated
> >building with bikes. Pulled over, walked in. Anyone looking for old
> >brit bike parts, write down "Pete Swider 860-537-2297". Hell of a
> >nice guy, lots and lots of old parts. He's passionate about the
> >bikes, not about the money. His current ride is a 1975 Norton
> >Commando, says it's the newest bike he rides. He's somewhere in
> >Connecticut. Salem, Colchester, East Haddam, thereabouts...
> >
> Colchester. One of the few Swiders I've heard of that I'm not directly
> related to. Wish he had Tshirts.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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