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So you want to look fancy while out and about, but you don't have the cash to shell out for a Bellfast or Barbour waxed cotton jacket? Just make your own ya dingus!

Step 1: find a sweet cotton jacket (in this case its a "sherpa" jacket from the GAP outlet)
] jaSXumY.jpg

Step 2: get yourself a can of Otter Wax made by original portland hipsters


Step 3: heat the can up on an electric stove (in a pot of water)

Step 4: Find a place to lay everything out


Step 5: After testing it in an inconspicuous area, brush that shit on (or rub it on with a rag)


Step 6: It's kind of tough to not overload the cloth with wax when using a brush. I would go over with a butter knife periodically to scrape off the excess wax and remelt it.


Step 7: Using a combination of butter knife to scrape, an Iron set to low to assist in melting and spreading the wax, and finally a few rags to rub the wax in and spread it out, the jacket begins to look like this:


Step 8: Hang the jacket to cure for 24-48 hours



Once the jacket cures, I'm going to go over it with a stiff bristle brush to knock off any wax deposits that are still caught in seams and around buttons.

Some notes:

So one $20 can was just enough to do this jacket.
I started off using a 2" brush, but found a 1" brush made it easier to get the wax on evenly/not overload the fabric.
A heat gun or hair dryer is probably preferable to using an iron.

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imgur is blocked here at work, but im sure it came out good. I use that super hipster otterwax shit on my cotton messenger bag as well. Has saved my shit a few times already.
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