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Some random ideas;
Rent a boat on Winni for the afternoon based or just take a cruise on the Mt. Washington.
As far as motorcycling, any road that runs north of Weirs is good. Rt133 and 113A is nice. The roads on the east side of the lake are better than the west IMHO. Check out the Sandwich Notch road if you don't mind a little dirt. The Kanc Rt 112 CAN be good depending what time of day and the amount of tourists. Run it in both directions as it flows differently. Bear Notch Road off from th eKanc, Hurricane Mountain road in North Conway, Crawford Notch (RT302), Evan's Notch (Rt 113), the Mt Washington Auto road (Off from RT16) etc..

I know the Conway area VERY well as i lived there for many years. Not sure about establisments in Weirs.
You could always take her to the FUNSPOT!
or you could throw her out of a plane;
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