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well It runs

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well this weekend I actually had time to work on the CL350 today, and I replaced the battery, and I got it to run. I spent alot of time dealing with other issues, such as carb problems, and clutch problems which still isn't fixed. (see other thread) and I actually got to ride it for a short time. I am still having carb issues, and it seems to be running real rich. I rebuilt the carbs a while ago to fix leaky bowls. the float was set way too low. so the gas overflowed the bowl before it was shut off. I replaced all of the jets and needles with new ones, (same OEM sizes though) now I don't know what to do next. Fuel mixture screw? adjust it? it is real rich and the motor bogs down when I accelerate, also it doesn't want to run if I open the choke. any diagnosis help would be great. thanx alot, and I am glad that I at least got to run it, and ride it.

just ride it.
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