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Well my bike is apart

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I finally got the engine out today, I had everything else off, just no off time from work till today. I'm just waiting for my new head to come in. Heres some pictures:

Now since I have the bike apart I was thinking of painting it. I was planning on paint the engine black in F-style and repaint the frame while I'm at it. I was thinking semigloss the frame and engine and either leaving the rest of the bike flat black or painting in gloss black. Heres a picture of my bike all together to give you a idea what it looks like.

I would really like some input on this. Also how to I clean up the cases, I don't want them shiny but just new looking to go with the black engine

1980 Honda CB750
1972 Oldsmobile 442
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clean strip and paint is all you can do .I think you should look for a bigger funkier tank just for a custom look.But thats just my opinion .Im a fan of bread loaf look or toaster look.tear drops are for choppa's and yes I said choppa's.also flat looks more interesting with gloss black accent so the flat or semi flat looks like a color choice.The frame is ready for cleaning and at leasts gloss black it with rattle cans (cleaning is key).

Also breaking up the silver by using machine gold color or think about wrinkle finish paint for some engine accents its available in different colors and adds some eye pop if you stick with just flat black.Or paint the frame silver or another color to make the flat black look technical again just my input.

pictures are good inspiration ace cafe london has a great collection and cafe racer web sights like this one

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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like maybe this style

and if money is an issue (ha like who it isnt an issue with) keep the tank just paint it so it looks boxer or longer then it is to the must have a graphic artist friend ....

and LiLBulls fav tank of all for cb's

big boxey and a look of its own.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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simple green isnt simple to get off parts and it does continue to eat.409 0r fantastic is cheaper, works quick and clean I use fantastic on everything for initial cleaning and I have tried plenty of products to get the same results everything from high end cleaners to low end stuff. Fantastic for me is just that .

I would suggest a wire wheel the heavey duty type that throws the wire into your clothes like a mad acupucturist.they are cup shaped not the whimpy drill ones, these you screw onto your small hand grinder. use gloves and face protection and go at the frame you can do a whole bike frame with one wheel of the high quality type and it takes two of the cheaper harbor frieght ones.But its strips it fast and shiney ready for primer and paint from rattle can to urethane.

trick with using these wheels are .You need to let the wheel do its work on the ends of the wire.Amatuers always plow into their work with the wheel stressing the grinder and the wheel into more work.Keep checking yourself that your not pushing the grinder or wheel into your work and let the edge do its job.also dont spend alot of time letting the wheel free wheel its not so good for the grinder.hey grinders are cheap but you end up using them alot .
I put cut off wheels on mine ,wire wheels and grinding wheels so I use a grinder alot in fabrication.
I take the guard off which is very dangerous in a lot of ways .I do use welding gloves and full face sheild and keep it far away from the family jewels in case of failure.put much caustion is advised when removing the grinders guard.Hell its why its called a guard.

beginners reading this take note eyes and hands are The MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS IN LIFE ,PROTECT AT ALL COSTS damaged eyes and hands make it alot harder to get dates!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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looks good even with clubmans .Clip ons here is a running battle but what do you want from a race site clip ons will always rule the roost.Clubmans are street sensible in a lot of cases.Champ sells good quality clip ons look here under members products forum.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
my suggestion is to flat black the tank knee cut out and the seat spoiler fin only .get a modern honda wing stencil vynile sticker for the side covers in whatever color sticker you choose white or red or gold use that color as a detail stripe to highlight the tape mark between the flat knee cut out and the gloss rest of the tank and follow with same stripe treatment between the tail flat black and the gloss rest of the tail piece.That way it looks detailed with out a specific era attached to it sort of old and modern at the same time but fresh.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
When ever you need inspiration for colors .I have always looked at many exotic tropical fish pictures .Nature makes some bad ass looking fish and the color combonations are just as wild.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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