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Well my bike is apart

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I finally got the engine out today, I had everything else off, just no off time from work till today. I'm just waiting for my new head to come in. Heres some pictures:

Now since I have the bike apart I was thinking of painting it. I was planning on paint the engine black in F-style and repaint the frame while I'm at it. I was thinking semigloss the frame and engine and either leaving the rest of the bike flat black or painting in gloss black. Heres a picture of my bike all together to give you a idea what it looks like.

I would really like some input on this. Also how to I clean up the cases, I don't want them shiny but just new looking to go with the black engine

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Much of the tarnish on the top of your lower case is actually the factory clear coat. The good news is you can use paint stripper to get it off, then buff or rub the cases clean. If you need to use a wire brush, use a brass one. Steel brushes will scratch the hell out of your cases.

Think about getting the frame sandblasted. Its worth it.

I use high heat engine paint on my frames. Very durable paint.

Rustoleum is poop.

Honda go sideways!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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