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I have been asked to extend an invite to any USCRA folks interested in participating in the upcoming WERA Vintage Challenge @ Barber. WERA are requiring two events with either group to attend but are willing to bend the rule if any USCRA folks are willing to make the trek. I can forward contact info to anyone interested. Here's some info from the WERA bbs:

"The event is on May 3, 2008, at our scheduled WERA Regional at Barber, you are hereby invited to participate in the Vintage Challenge for WERA and AHRMA riders. More details will follow, but suffice to say now that it will pay you to race for the podium. A very kind and benevolent sponsor has been found for this event.This is not just about some cash, however, this is about pride and braggin' rights: who's the best- WERA or AHRMA riders? On this one day in May, let's find out! So tune up those reed valves, or grind those cams, because you better come prepared! Don't sit around jaw-jackin' no more, get to work out in the garage because we're gonna try real hard to get all the fast guys and past champions out there.
May 3. Barber. Be there!"

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