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Old mate with a bold'or 900 suddenly wanted to keep the bike after I bought the airplane ticket.

Girlfriend totalled my car. (she's fine).

I split my pants at work.

but to justify my whinge, hear this.

If you're in to the F1 in Aus, then you would know they've been running this comp that if you buy these vitamins you go in the draw to win an all expenses paid trip to the Monza GP, business class PLUS a dinner with Mark Webber.

I'm a Webber fan boy you see.

Now, I knew the chances of not winning are huge. No problems. What I didn't expected was a guy, two cubicles up from me winning the thing. He doesn't even like motor sport.

So he's taking the trip and putting the 3 other tickets up on ebay.

And I'm stuck with all these god damned vitamins.

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