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why limit yourself to honda, there are plenty of other great bikes out there that are begging to mix it up on the track.

I guess the more important question is what class do you want to race? This will probably depend a lot on your expirence level, budget, and about a million other factors I am too lazy to list.

I do know that the cb350 is really popular and has its own racing class. so does the cb160 but you have to live in seattle to take part in that.

Don't build a race bike out of a street bike. Buy a ready to go race bike an improve upon it. this is the bast way to go and if you don't believe me ask AD about his megabuck cb175.

Anyway I personally prefer two strokes so I am going to suggest a yamaha rd350 or a suzuki T500 (I like the t500). You could also consider an h1 or s3 kawasaki but those bikes usually cost hella lot of money and dont have as much of an aftermarket. Look around the site and you'll find a link I posted a while back on how to build a t500 race bike. these bikes will give you big bike riding feel with little bike expense and without the heft of a big bike.

As for hondas that are used as race bikes I can tell you to stay away from cb750s as it will cost you well over $5000 to build a cb750 race bike (to build an accurate and competetive cr750 replica it can cost more than $20K, sure both can be done cheaper but I am just talkin about starting with a bike and bolting on stuff or farming it out).

Go to Wera or Ahrma on the web and read their rule books. This will give you a good idea as to what leeway you have in certian classes, then look at those classes and see what people are racing.

Edit: Just went back and read your other post - Are you trying to build a Race bike for actual competition or for the street?

A cafe racer is a street bike replicating a race bike (either in look or performance)

A racer is actually used in competition and not street legal.

here are the bikes I know have some kind of aftermarket and could be used either way:

Suzuki T500
Yamaha rd350/rd400
Kawasaki h1/h2
Honda cb750 (SOHC and DOHC)
Honda cb550
Honda cb350 twin
Suzuki GS750/1100
Yamaha Xs1000
Yamaha Xs650

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Ok, after thinking about everything and researching I just want to build a CAFE RACER and put it on the street. But I want it to be as "race ready" as possible if that makes sense. Basically, I love Hondas and want to stick with one for my first project. I just want to make a smart decision and get the correct bike. I understand nothing is going to be very fast and just want to tool around town with it, but really like the CB's. I have my eye on the CB350 but dont know if i should get a twin or four, and if it really matters. Or if I should just get a bigger CB. Just looking for input. Thanks guys!
Don't waste your time with a cb350F four cylinder, it is a semi-useless lump that can't get out of its own way. Also they don't make any real speed or race parts for the cb350 four. cb350 twin is a much better bike.
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