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What does my VIN mean???

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I just bought a Honda CB350 last month. My chassis and engine have two different VIN's. I need a carb rebuild kit but cant figure out what year my engine is.

my engine VIN = CB350E-5070955
my chassis VIN= CB3505042322

I would appreciate any help figuring out what kind of frankenstein bike Im gonna be riding. thanks
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yes, the engine and chassis typically have different numbers. same with the fours though, the carbs are all the same for the whole two years they made the 350f. doesn't matter which carb kits you get. they're actually identical carbs as the 400f. not 100% about jet sizes

joe, depends where you put the k. I notice in the british mags, ads for parts call the twins k1, 2, 3, etc. but the fours do get the K designation when there are both K and F models. the 350 and 400 fours are both called F models
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