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What does my VIN mean???

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I just bought a Honda CB350 last month. My chassis and engine have two different VIN's. I need a carb rebuild kit but cant figure out what year my engine is.

my engine VIN = CB350E-5070955
my chassis VIN= CB3505042322

I would appreciate any help figuring out what kind of frankenstein bike Im gonna be riding. thanks
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it was common for them to have different motor#'s and engine #'s. the brits were good at matching. on the vin plate though it should say date of manufacture. its a twin right?? if its a twin, they are all the same. the k's were the 4 cyl bikes. right jeremy!?

they also drive on the wrong side of the road.....but that doesnt make it right! all of the cb/cl twins had the same carbies. so theres your answer dude, aint we just a trunk o' knowledge??

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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