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what happened at v.c.?

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yo dudes! wazzup?


"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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Yeah I had a good time. Great to see everyone. Worse part of the whole weekend was I caught a nasty cold. So far not a single sore spot from the two crashes. Nothing beats good race gear.

And yes Joe it does start getting funny the second time in one race...and to be honest if I'd crashed again and the bike would still go I would have still wanted to finish the race. It pays to put a little thought into crash protection when you put a bike together.

Aaron went to huge trouble to get Avons mounted on his bike for the rain. One of the few times I've seen an equipment change of that sort actually matter in vintage racing. He put on the right tires...he won, that's the way it's done, very professional move that paid off. I didn't believe some people about the Dunlops and the wet...I was wrong. Both times I went down it was immediately upon passing over the transition...first time in 9, second time in 2. And this is after BFD warned me that 2 was slick while we were on the grid.

The whole CafeRacer contingent is riding so much better each year, Scott looks like a different guy out there, Aaron has almost reached that wierd place of total confidence and knowledge on his 175. Sure wish this club had more two day events....if this had been a one day event I probably would have never raced because of the "funny noise" mystery, luckily we had time to sort it out.

Think I'm going to have to set up a pair of "rain wheels" for my 175. Aaron schooled me on tire choice.'s the shoulder feeling? I think it was hurting a lot worse than you let on when I talked to you.
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I'll need a new seat....emailed you about it. It held up great for two crashes and even let me pound it back into shape and finish the race...but cosmetically it's kinda screwed now :)
Thanks bro,

Frank, yeah I saw in the results in FCB...that's impressive for riding Pete's bike. That bike is about as stock as they come.
Thought for sure I was going to see John "Crashy" Branson up there.
Kind of like "Ashey Larry" that plays craps on the Chappelle show.

Or Mary "One Cylinder" Branson

For those of you who I endless annoyed talking about the mysterious noise coming from my engine. And after checking everything at the track that I could check short of splitting the cases I came to the conclusion that there might be a piece of broken valve spring still in the engine from Frontier Land.
Today I drained the oil, and pop off the bottom crankcase inspection plate....found this.

The edges of the break are peened down nicely, meaning it was rubbing or banging on something. All my screwing around on Sat afternoon must have dislodged it...that's when the sounds stopped.
No I'm not going to open up the cases to see what it did, I like to live dangerously.
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When I was looking at it I don't think there was a kill switch hooked up. Strange problem....appears to be a problem with one of the stators....but it could be an issue that just takes more patience that can be found at any race track.

They swapped out all components between sides...still couldn't get consistant spark out of one of the stator coils....although that stator coil read fine on the VOM and the rotor clearance was acceptable.

Mary's bike uses one of those half size stators...they a kind of picky it seems like. The full size that wrap around farther seem to be less sensitive to problems. The clearance to the rotor has to be closer on the small stators it seems like.
If I remember right they didn't have any kill switch hooked up when I was looking at it. And kill switch would be the same as a kill switch that wasn't it should run fine with no kill switch...assuming no other problems. But since they already tried that...the switch can't be the problem.

We had a situation with Mary's bike where we couldn't get spark out of it till about 600 rpm (used a drill to turn the engine). Then I played with the stator spacing, moved it in over the magnets farther and brought it closer to the rotor also. Then we had spark at the normal kick/push speeds.
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