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what happened at v.c.?

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yo dudes! wazzup?


"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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quote:'s the shoulder feeling? I think it was hurting a lot worse than you let on when I talked to you.
The muscle I strained in my leg while picking up the bike after crashing hurts as much as the shoulder.
That Aaron character is going to cause you problems this year. He's riding way too good for me to chase.
My son finished 3rd in FCB on Pete's bike and it was misfiring for the last half of the race. He had visions of beating Rabbie...fat chance of that happening.
My CT1 is almost as fast as Johnnie Bravo's TA125 and it hasn't been modified much...yet. So watch out Johnnie! (But you were really fast in ULSV)
Thought for sure I was going to see John "Crashy" Branson up there.
Kind of like "Ashey Larry" that plays craps on the Chappelle show.
Or Mary "One Cylinder" Branson
You still need to crash in 1,3,6 & 11 to match my corner numbers.

How about "Johnny 2-timer"

1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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