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what happened at v.c.?

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yo dudes! wazzup?


"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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rain and sun. on and off. mike got 4th in fcb, and won supermasters. apparently dave evans had a big off in 3 trying to get by someone in the 883 class. busted up some ribs and lungs, maybe a broke shoulder. arron apparently won a race or 2. made swiss cheese out of some tire tubes too i hear. ghetto, howd ya do?? howd the bike go??? get the iggy done?? aaron?? howd frank c do?? did tony show??

jb, 2x in one race, thats as god as me. wow, you are getting good!!! its kinda funny after the 2nd time isnt it??? we still got a ways to go to catch frank. howd you do evil??

2nding tim.

tim has given me some of the best advice for racing ive ever gotten. the guy is great. one of the best and when he finally packs it in, we'll all have lost out on a great guy and really super rider. any race tim is in, i always try and watch. and being on the track with him is always just kick ass. super smooth, and just great fun to watch.

1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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