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what happened at v.c.?

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yo dudes! wazzup?


"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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very nice weekend,barring the rain. my 250 race ended in t6 when i passed camelhairy-throtle cable came off. it was a really cool inside pass, don't ya think frank?
the fireball 50 runs real good except i have to fix the shifter-kept popping out of gear and i was hoping that i would get lapped to end the misery!!
NOW the ulsv race, i am now riding a stock yamaha ta125 2 stroke. man what a difference from the ducati. I practiced a little on sat and sun and then raced. of course it was raining at the start of the race and i had no idea on what i was doing. Ever try to start off the line in a race with a 2 stroke? well let me tell ya, it aint like a ducati 250!!! finally got the bike off the line and everbody else was in t1. i put my head down and picked off everybody(including the rd's that were with us) and came in 3rd overall. It was a very exciting race and had a good tussle with Frank-I've had some of the best races with frank-he's safe and fun to mix it up with,hope your feeling Ok??

Aaron, congrats on a great performance you rode very good. it seems like you have the honda dialed in!!

It was fun pitting with the "wankers"

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1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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