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Mine so far...

Friday; Put my KDX together, hadn't been ridden since the flood. Nephew took it. As of ten o'clock last nite it was still running. YAY!

Saturday's theme was "Cars with Blowers"
They sold the Kompressor I wanted to drive didn't get to start with that. Beat it down to Eddyville to watch 20 fuel altereds qualify for a 16 car field.


Double f!!!cking legendary and currently wheeled by a dude from Iowa;

Near lane car lost in the finals. He gets honorable mention because two years ago at this race in the last qualifying session he hit the wall at about 300 feet. Came off the fence, got back in it, went throught the lights 145 with the left front layed down.

Honorable mention #2; Blown Impala that does nice wheelies. Dont't see that everyday.

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