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Top 5 albums I'm listening to right now...
Majority Rule - Interviews with David Frost
Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Hopesfall - The satellite years
Outkast - Aquemini
Pinback - Blue Screen Life

-My other ride is your mom

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i dont have one in my truck.

at the shop i'll listen to
sonic youth
white zombie
agent orange
minor threat/fugazi
aarons favorite band
chemical brothers
propellor heads
hank williams
johnny cash
willie nelson
stanley brothers

is that weird enough for you??


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Elvis Presly
David Gray
The Cranes
Depeche Mode
My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult
Lords of Acid
Type O Negative
Front 242
Jerry Lee Lewis
Marilyn Manson
plus assorted others that the wife and I have in the changer that I cant remember.I keep saying Im gonna put a cd player in my work truck since I spend a min. of 3 hours a day in it but the time and money get put into bike goodies instead.

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i think we have just about the same cd collection!!! i have the lords of acid with the naked satan chicks on the cover. the dis-cunt-inued one. front 242 is in my collection too and i have a great box set from wax trax that has all of the great industrial bands from the 80's on it. thrill kill cult was a really great band. how about alien sex fiend? (am i dating myself here??) the funny thing is ive seen all of these bands, in thier hayday! tracy lords opened for my life with the thrill kill cult a bunch of years back. that was weird. i saw alien sex fiend at manray in about 1991. i was so fucked up i had to be carried back home to the northend by my girlfriend and another friend. i passed out in the bathroom at manray for the entire show. how about rev-co?? ive seen pigface, skinny puppy, nin, ministry, and kmfdm alot. ive probably seen kmfdm the most though. im pretty sure everytour since the ministry tour in 89/90. i think theyre the best industrial dance band out there. the glam rock guitar riffs nd power chords just kick ass.

we had a conversation about punk bands a while back. that was pretty cool.


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I have to thank my wife for most of the industrial cd's she's a goth/industrial fan way more than I am Ive always been more into metal(SLAYER,Seplutura,etc...),hardcore(Cro Mags,Agnostic Front,N.Y. hardcore),and punk(Circle Jerks,Bad Religion,Dead Kennedys,etc...) thats what I grew up around. Our combined cd collection is pretty [email protected]&ked up to say the least. I have been to some good industrial shows
Ministry,NIN,Pigface,MLwTTKK,Genitorturers,and some lesser known bands. Ive been ta close to 200 shows and the 3 best were White Zombie,Rob Zombie, and KISS ! All of those were just un-f'n believable.

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i saw white zombie about 14 years ago in nyc. that was a really good show. i never bothered to count how many shows ive been to. i guess i never thought about it that way. ive seen sisters of mercy, echo and the bunnyman and minor threat. (being near dc, minor threat was an easy see) anyway, the list goes on....


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yeah like 29 years ago I saw Screaming Cold Bright Light. man, that was a hardcore show. wait, that was me being born. I love you man.

don, I remember that meshuggah album. good stuff.

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this is my at-work mp3 rotation. nothing too obscure like you cool guys

Adam Sandler
Alan Jackson
Alison Krauss & Union Station
Bad Religion
Bing Crosby
Black Sabbath
Corrosion Of Conformity
Crooked Fingers
Dick Dale
Fu Manchu
Hank Williams Sr.
Hank Williams, III
Jerry Reed
Johnny Cash
Junior Brown
Kid Rock
Kyuss - Queens of the Stoneage
Led Zeppelin
Les Claypool and Phish
Link Wray & His Ray Men
Misfits with Johnny Ramone
Monster Magnet
Nine Inch Nails
Ozzy Osbourne
Powerman 5000
Queens Of The Stone Age
Queens of the Stoneage
Randy Travis
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Reverend Horton Heat
Social Distortion
Soul Coughing
Stone Temple Pilots
System of a Down
Tenacious D
The Charlie Daniel's Band
The Desert Sessions
The Hives
The Louvin Brothers
The Meatmen
The Melvins
The Misfits
The White Stripes
Tom Jones
total chaos
Travis Tritt
White Zombie

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DAMN JD...... with an eclectic list like yours you are welcome to be a "cool guy" any time.

Messhuggah are damn good Ive seen them 2x and both times they played a straight up no B.S. show. Minor Threat in D.C. now that would have been good,history in the making.

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11,783 Posts, if youve never heard negativland, do yourself a favor, head out to a good record store, and grab thier cd called escape from noise. or even better, helter stupid. helter stupid is great listening late at night. some good headphones make it even better. a little pot doesn't hurt....not that i condone illegal drug college my friend read and i would get so stoned and just listen to negativland for hours. over and over. just laughing. then being scared. pretty cool stuff. the "murdering marauding maniac" stuff is pretty intense.

they did a bit with casey kasem going bizerk, they brought that to the attention of the public. they also got sued by u2s record label and put out of business. they also would plant rumors about themselves being involved with suicides to get exposure. remember the kids listening to ozzie and killing themselves?? i remember dennis leary saying , "whats wrong with that?" when the man started to figure it out, the fbi started to investigate them. they do sound collage. up until the past couple of years it was all done with non digital means. the last few records they came out with had digital samplers and shit like that. it sounds too planned now. before they used cart machines, records, 8tracks, and stuff like that. it was true brilliance. plus theyd build thier own stuff. theyve been around for maybe close to 20 years now. they used to do a freeform 2 hour radio show at kpfa in berkley every week. it was the longest running show of its kind. they would do all kinds of stuff from taped call ins to public radio talk shows, to live callers. they'd also use shortwave and break ito peoples broadcasts. then jam the frequencies with thier own noise. kind of hacking shortwave. check them out.

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