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I just got a street sr500 that has the 8 spoke wheels, 19 inch front and 18 in. rear. I just read soemwhere that RD350 wheels (wire spoked) will fit. Anyone know? also, as they are the "mag" 8 spoked wheels, are they more difficult to change tires on? i remember from my childhood that when I had "mag" tires on my 65 mustang that you had to have a special tire changer to do them.

All I can say is, I'm glad Caferacer got fixed. Skulls line blows. (though I'm sure something like that will happen here too eventually)


ps BFD, I'll be sending that coil back soon. I'm still waiting for a reasonably clear day to run the bike a bit before sending it back.

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The tubeless tires that go on mags sometimes seem a bit tigher fit to me. I've done both, main consideration with mags is just not marring their pretty finish. The metal seems a bit softer on the mags.

The special tire changers you remember were machines with special tooling to prevent marring the soft rims compared to steel rims.

Your SR might handle a bit quicker with an 18" front.
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