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Considering I haven’t had a fear of being called gay, fat, or dumb, although dumb best describes me, since the sixth grade, I guess I'll chime in.

Here in the southern Central Valley of California we don’t experience particularly harsh winters. In the higher elevations of the hills we get ice in certain places, but snow and excessive wet weather are rarely an issue. Because of this the riding season is relatively long, going generally from March until the beginning of Nov when the temperatures start dropping from the 100's. Fortunately, around here most "real men" ride Hardley Ablesons, so for the rest of us "boys" the Japanese bikes get bought and sold without much notice, yet. I also take into consideration lots of people will be getting tax refunds soon, and they will be using these funds this to put towards purchase a bike and offset cost.

So the market for motorbikes in my general area is about to heat up. I figure lots of pictures, a clean motorbike, and stories of "canyon carving" and the looks from the ladies will help move the merchandise.


'71 Honda CB500/4
'81 Honda CB125S
'01 Suzuki SV650
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