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Where the Phuck is everyone?

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Aaron, Joe, Matt, Zack, JD, JD, etc?

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I just got back from a long weekend, so I'm around again. I can't find anywhere to post though. I'm not smart enough to talk about 175 oil coolers.


Aaron's in Maine. JD I'm not sure, but damnit I miss him too.

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Zack, have you raced since the national?

Congrats on the points lead bro.
No. The last time I went into Turn 6 I didn't make it out. I need to get back up there and build my confidence.
Points lead is cool, but pretty meaningless. We're in like 3rd after the drop.

we just got home from campin in maine. no moto lately... still waiting for parts for my honda. took a great ride this weekend on spencers 750gt ducati. i am also way too stupid to add anything to the oil cooler conversation.

hey zack.... your post made me think of the booger quote in better off dead..." go real fast... if anything gets in your way .... turn!!!!" ha ha

matt tanner
Spent the weekend in NY, helping my step-sister move into a new place and consuming large amounts of beer, homemade ribs and pulled pork. I think aaron took the r6 up to his dirtbike track to even out the paint. Ok, that's not true, I don't know where he took it.

Classic quote Matt, nice

AD is moving and I am just really sucks without him
spent the last 3 days being told I had a detached retina. No doctors in Boston or Portland around the fourth. No one is taking call these days if they're speciallists. Stupid fucks. Anyway, had laser eye surgery yesterday. Racing might be over . . . then again, it might not . . . We'll know in a few days.
So you had the detached retina before the laser surgery?

Hey...if you can see good enough to write that post you can race.

Mary had laser eye surgery for vision correction....she freakin loved it. Said it was amazing how well it worked.
Let's hope not.
A friend of mine collided head first with his German Shepard and suffered the same thing. The reattchment surgery worked great and he's never a problem since.

*no animals were harmed in this posting
no, I had lasik in 1997. This was a different issue.

NOT a detached retina, thanks god.

Retinal tear with a bleeding vein in the eye.

If they tell you it doesn';t hurt, (the laser) don't believe them.

PS. BFD, it happened in Portsmouth on the way back from your house.
How the fuck do you tear your retina driving back from BFD's house??

Does it just happen by itself? Is a blow to the head what causes a detached retina?

You didn't crash or something did you? Man...careful with those eyes bro, they are important...specially in your line of work.
What happens normally to everyone at about age 60-70 is the vitreous sac completely detaches from the retina. in my case, due to a bit more myopia than the normal nearsighted person, the vitreous decided to detach a little early, and not completely as happens to most people, so instead, it has only partially detached, thus tearing at the retinal wall, creating a spot of tension. That spot apparently decided to tear away, and, of course, there was a tiny vein that was across the tear and subsequently ruptured sending A LOT of blood into my eye ball. weird. The blood will take a month or so to go away. i know more about the eye now than i want to.

This had nothing to do with a crash, driving, loving aaron the wrong way or anything . . . just my bad.

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That's a relief.
I figured you were looking too lovingly at that love machine in the bed of your truck.
im back to being miserable and hating everyone and motorcycles. so i ahve no interest here again.

ill be back in usual form after a a little mental rehabbing!

jb, i hear patric dropped you a note about that brake??

screw you joe. hahahhaha

i hate fresh air
Evil...I bet you look really evil now with a big red eye. I thinking Aaron won't want to have your butt babies if you have a messed up eyeball gene. (try to explain this post taken out of context).

Yeah he sent me an email, I gave him the low down, haven't heard back from him yet. Gave him something to think about and some questions to ask you cause you're in the game already.

Do you guys think a butt plug mounted on the rear fender of my bobber would be an appropriate bitch seat?
Hehehe...depends on the bitch!
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