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From Princeton NJ, but moved to Essex VT 18 years ago, where to the best of my knowledge, there is no bike scene. No nomads, no cool clubs or drive-ins. Just the ubiquitous BMW and H-D dealer parking lot rides. No thanks.
Been racing flattrack for about 5-6 years, around New England and New York.
Was thinking I'd get the CB450 cafe/race bike project started this summer, but wound up racing flattrack again 'cause it was easier to just load up and go racing than to stare at the CB450 and wonder where to start. Now that it's almost winter I might at least start taking one of the 450 engines apart to see what I can see.
Also, gonna get out on the ice this winter with some buds, little road course, any dirtbike you got, 1 screw per stud on the front, 2 per stud on the rear tire. There are a few ponds and a big-ass lake up here, so no shortage of venues. In fact there's a river that freezes up that is really cool, lots of tight bends and short straights. If we get enough riders there'll be trophies, bonfire and beer.
Probably also gonna do the Middletown NY Indoor again in January, 'cause that's a cool scene.
That's some of it...

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