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Rather than contemplating our navels on the merits of late night posting, how about we kickstart this forum with some discussion of where y'all are from and local bike gatherings in your area.

I'll start first:

Although I have Lived in New Orleans and Rochester, New York City is where I was born, raised, and live now. Actually I live in Queens, which to describe metaphorically if the cuty of newyork were a woman's body, and manhattan were her left breast, then Queens is the armpit right next to it.

As for cafe racing bike stuff, NYC used to have a great motorcycling community and a cool brit bike scene in the 60's. Unfortunatly the people who live in new york ruined it and there is no real scene anymore, just nomadic clusters of men and machines, searching the endless electric light avenues for people to relate to.

If you are a hipster anywhere close to brooklyn, I recomend monday nigth bike night at Bar Matchless (557 Manhattan ave). Good folks ther, taped moto gp season, and year round bike season thanks to a bunch of gusy with BMWs and heated riding gear. The shop next door specalizes in old cafe bikes, mostly italian and british.

On Long Island, Nathan's in Oceanside is a pretty good car/bike mix. Local squids have kinda ruined it by bringing the heat, btu the cops really leave the old bikes alone (can't tell you how many times my cb750 has been waived through road blocks). Also on LI on friday is the bellmore car show at the bellmore train station. Not enough bikes show up but there are a few, there could be more. Still nice to get out and look at some cool old iron.

In manhattan, there is motor city, not really a bike night, but a cool muscle car and motorcycle themed bar. Sixth street specials is supposed to have a nice sunday ride out of their alphabet city local, and the ear cafe on spring street has a bike night on firdays (I think).

that's it for now....ok it's your turn.
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