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Who doing the spring Giro?

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Just curious who may be doing the spring Giro?

I will be there with either the CA160 I rode last year, or my Ducati 160--just had the engine rebuilt but I have to get the bad wigglies out of the frame, so it may not be ready. Steve D polished the cases and everything---it sure is pretty!

As I understand it, there are no motel rooms at the ski center, only camping (which I don't do unless it is at least 65 degrees at midnight)- is that correct?

Race school on the 30th, then the Giro the next weekend. Hopefully not divorce lawyer the next week....
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will do my best to get there. so many great people in that neck of the woods who have made long treks to participate in nhis and other NE events (jersey girl/smiths and the wankers to name a small few) i feel a resposibility to give it my best shot to come. very hectic period for me. that bove guy is the balls too.
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