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Who is it?

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Fess up...which one of you is riding this bike?

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JB put that camera down and go help the poor lizard....
thats the quickest way down Stone Mountain that I have seen..."can I walk?""can "I" W A L K?! soon as I catch my breath from the wind knocked out of me im going to limp right up there and kick you in the nuts "can I walk"? You bastard left me with ...with this Napoleon Dynamite looking freak and you just stand there with your camera and ask me if "I can Walk"? Damn you to hell Man!!!
Im sorry ...but that sound that bike and rider make when it slaps the ground is SO F ing FUNNY !!! If my eye would stop darting at the cement barrier he just misses ...I could concentrate more on that slap ,grumple and pop they make....
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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