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Who knows about Honda sprockets?

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I'd like to use an o-ring chain on my CB450 but they're too wide for the cases.

So, I was thinking I would just change the sprockets to use 520 chain.

Does anyone know about Honda sprocket interchange? Is there a stock front and/or rear sprocket that I can use to swap?
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Yup, I agree. Also, the extra drag of the o-ring chain will rob you of some percentage of what little (relative) power that engine makes.
It may sound trivial, but I've done direct comparisons on a bike with standard, then o-ring chains, and although I can't give you a quantative measurement, I can say that with the chains adjusted properly in each case, the rear wheel will spin much easier with the standard chain than the o-ring chain.
And both will rust equally without maintenance. The only advantage of the o-ring that I can see is longer life span because the factory lube is captured by the o-rings.

But maybe you have a good reason to do the conversion...

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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