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Who knows about Honda sprockets?

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I'd like to use an o-ring chain on my CB450 but they're too wide for the cases.

So, I was thinking I would just change the sprockets to use 520 chain.

Does anyone know about Honda sprocket interchange? Is there a stock front and/or rear sprocket that I can use to swap?
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sprocket specialist will make just about anything for you. although sizing down just means the turn alum rears on a lathe. they have a $15 setup fee.

fr is right though.

they dont list alot of stuff. thats why you have to call them. for example, they dont list any 520 conversions. the alum sprockets i just got from them are 530 turned down im pretty sure. kinda lame. and i didnt get any stickers like they promised!

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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