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Who knows about Honda sprockets?

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I'd like to use an o-ring chain on my CB450 but they're too wide for the cases.

So, I was thinking I would just change the sprockets to use 520 chain.

Does anyone know about Honda sprocket interchange? Is there a stock front and/or rear sprocket that I can use to swap?
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Cool - thanks for the tips.

I already plugged the oiler while I had it apart a few months back.

As for the current sprockets, they're both in pretty good shape - the chain just has stiff spots from sitting around for 20 years without being ridden - it's actually not that worn but it won't free up even after soaking in solvent for a week and gear oil for a few days.

I'll just drop by the local mc shop and buy some plain 530 chain - for one thing it'll be a whole lot cheaper than some fancy oring stuff, and much cheaper than converting to 520.
Oh - and Geeto the deal with CB450s and oring chain is technically the clutch actuating arm, not so much the cases. If you run a wider-than-stock chain it grinds into the arm and can cause it to break. One of the motors I have has that damage.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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