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Who should I join, USCRA, WERA Vintage, AHRMA, ?

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I'm ready to join a race group, which one? I'm finishing up a CB350K4 race bike that I plan to race next year...what group would you join, AHRMA, WERA vintage, VRRA? Also, I need to get my race license (haven't raced in years) what race school in the East or South East?
Wally Anderson
State College, Pa.
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summit will be 3 hours travel for you. nelson will be approximately five hours. beaver run will be four hours travel. loudon will be seven to eight hours. vir will be eight or nine hours. thunderbolt (millville, nj - when it is completed will be four to five hours).

you got a lot of options. wera racing for the cb350 classes is a blast (8 cbs, plus other 350gp bikes....ducatis, etc), plus we have the best late night b.s./drinking/& hell raising sessions.


p.s.- have you ever dreamed of being a flying wallenda? we need a new fifth man, and clancypants still needs to replace his wheel bearings.
also mosport will be approx. ten to eleven hours.

sorry canada (i still got a lotta love for you).

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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