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Who should I join, USCRA, WERA Vintage, AHRMA, ?

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I'm ready to join a race group, which one? I'm finishing up a CB350K4 race bike that I plan to race next year...what group would you join, AHRMA, WERA vintage, VRRA? Also, I need to get my race license (haven't raced in years) what race school in the East or South East?
Wally Anderson
State College, Pa.
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Travel time isn't a problem, I'm retired, have an enclosed trailer, Ford Explorer a wife that works AND rides so things are pretty cool. Just have to decide where to get my license and what group to join. I rode my Ducati 916 from Pa. up to Mosport last Spring, that's why I was considering VRRA. Mosport is a super track and all the guys I've been E-mailing back and forth have been helpful. But WERA has more action and I can also do some NESBA Track days on my 916 to learn some of the tracks. DECISIONS,,,,,,,,,DECISIONS.....
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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