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Who should I join, USCRA, WERA Vintage, AHRMA, ?

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I'm ready to join a race group, which one? I'm finishing up a CB350K4 race bike that I plan to race next year...what group would you join, AHRMA, WERA vintage, VRRA? Also, I need to get my race license (haven't raced in years) what race school in the East or South East?
Wally Anderson
State College, Pa.
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Don't forget RACE in Shannonville. They do several Vintage days as well as Sportsman Lightweight. Which by the way I got 3rd overall this year on my little 350 twin!
Also RACE has their own school for getting your licence, not sure of the cost of that. They do offer a deal at the December Bike Show in Toronto for renewals, free test and tune day in April if you renew before January 1st. This year the licence was $60.00 (Canadian)
A typical weekend for me this year was entry into Vintage Challenge A (P1 vs P2), Vintage Challenge B (P3 vs P4) and Sportsmen Lightweight.
All the above cost $180.00 plus you can rent a transponder for $95.00 for the weekend, then get $45.00 cash back on Sunday at the end of the racing program.
So for $230.00 (Canadian) you get:
Entry into 3 classes
At least 2, possibly 3 practice sessions on Saturday
3 heat races Saturday
At least 2, possibly 3 practice sessions on Sunday
3 finals on Sunday

Here is the contact information for RACE, Chris Chapelle is the guy to talk to.

[email protected]

Chris Chapelle
Director of Competitiion
RACE Events Inc.
P.O. Box 259
Shannonville, Ontario
K0K 3A0
Phone - 613-966-7223 / 800-959-8955
Fax - 613-966-6890

Hope this is of some help.

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