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Who should I join, USCRA, WERA Vintage, AHRMA, ?

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I'm ready to join a race group, which one? I'm finishing up a CB350K4 race bike that I plan to race next year...what group would you join, AHRMA, WERA vintage, VRRA? Also, I need to get my race license (haven't raced in years) what race school in the East or South East?
Wally Anderson
State College, Pa.
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you only need to join wera if you run 3 or more races. they clip your uscra license corner when you run. i guess technically, you might be able to get away with doing 4 races, show the uscra papers 2x, then your ahrma papers 2x. but theyre way more organized the the uscra, and most likely will catch it. it also means no points if youre not a member. the wera license is 90 bucks. so, id get the uscra papers, then see what you think. wera has way more events and the entries are cheaper. but youll need a transponder. so it can be looked at as more expensive. you can run that bike with wera. tex can let you know whats close by as far as races.

see you at summit!!

well, i did do my truck wheel bearings....

youre retired??? join them all!!!

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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