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"why do I always have to be broke..."

Man do I hear ya!

If I had the cash RIGHT NOW I know where there are at least 10-12 vintage bikes I could pick up.
Bikes like..a RD350,a KH400,a couple CB750s,a couple CB550s,a GS850 shafty, a couple of KZ750 fours(1 LTD/1 STD."E",a KZ750 twin,a Hodaka Wombat etc.,etc..

Some to keep and some to sell/part out. Hate the fact that I have too many projects going on right now and need to get them finished up so I can move on to some new ones!

My buddy had a GPZ750 Turbo and it rocked! Very reliable and powerful too. I bit on the heavy side,but the power made up for a lot of that.
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