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Why is this so hard?

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Ive been trying to buy a motorcycle for about 2 weeks.

Im not looking for a pretty bike.
Im not looking for a rare bike.

All I want is a registered 1 or 2 cylinder bike, with a decent stance, solid engine, little rust and low handlebars that I can put my own spin on.

My budget is 2000$(and slowly shrinking), not alot but should be enough right? I dont even have to stop at the bank! Ive got an envelope with cash sitting in my helmet on my desk.

And yet whenever I e-mail or call someone selling something (I think Ive investigated roughly 15 bikes at this point) I get either the infamous "ohhh that *just* sold" or absolutly nothing at all.

Sorry for whining, but this is borderline ridiculous.

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Bad time of year to look for a used bike...sellers market right now. However...yeah your $2k should be plenty for a decent bike.

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