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Windscreen Madness

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So...I was sitting at my computer when an email pops up from Gustafsson Windscreens....the 3 Bultaco TSS125/250 (common small bike race fairing) I ordered are on the way. Hmmm....I ordered those two years ago....paid for them. A moment later another email pops up....UPS tracking data for the package....looks like it will be here within a few days. Reciept that came with email shows them Paid by Paypal (which I did two years ago) on 4/12/05. Checked my Paypal account...found the original new charges.

Looks like I might be in for 3 new and free windscreens. I even know where I can sell them....BFD uses a Bulto Fairing...George DeCamp uses a Bulto fairing.
I do plan on calling them tomorrow to check this out...but I'm not going to ship them back...those suckers have gouged me for tons of money over the years. They want them back...they can send me a check or paypal in advance for shipping and for my time.

Or should I say nothing and just keep them....I mean I do have an reciept that says they are paid for.


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As producer of parts for bikes I despise seeing people charge stupid prices. Those screens are $5 worth of materials and ten minutes of labor. I don't expect people to give anything away, but I don't like to see them rape people either. If his screens were $60 he'd still make plenty on them, and I'd buy them all day. The way it is...he screws people and gets $0 from me, instead of $60.

I don't see where they have ever done a single thing for me to warrant me taking the time to correct their mistake. It should be noted that their vintage windscreens are NON-RETURNABLE...meaning they will not take it back if you screw up the order...but they damn well would want these back if they screwed up the order. Doesn't fair to me. About 90% of the people I do business with I'd return their parts in a hearbeat, at my expense...not for these guys though.
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tell me how you really feel...
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